Upgrade Your GEM 80 System with Cetix Ltd

Cetix Ltd are offering a full turnkey upgrade service from initial system evaluation through to final implementation and spares provision including ongoing contracted support if required.

GEM 80

The objective is to offer clients a low-cost upgrade of obsolete or near obsolete GEM80 equipment to application compatible current equipment with a minimum of 10 years further support available.

If you have a GEM80 system, it may have been from one of the following owners of the brand:

  • Converteam
  • Cegelec
  • GE
  • Alstom

We offer the following services:

1.Migration Services

Systems we have experience with include the following series:

  • 100 series
  • 200 series
  • 300 series
  • 400 series
  • 500 series

Our migration strategy includes the following factors:

  • Application Software: It is possible to migrate most of the application software directly into the current systems but some functions need to be checked out and amended if necessary including timers and PID functions.
  • I/O cards: Some panel wiring modifications may be necessary. Addressing issued need to be checked out.
  • Hot standby systems: Careful evaluation is required.

2.Support Services

Our Engineering staff provides the expertise necessary to support all levels of installation and commissioning regardless of where the systems are located.We also provide on-call support so you get immediate advice from our expert team for all your GEM80 system queries.

Cetix can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all your automation requirements.