Cetix Support solutions

Cetix Support

Cetix has been providing industrial automation PLC and SCADA solutions and support services for over 30 years into the pipelines, oil terminals, renewables, energy from waste, energy, power, oil and gas and utility markets. We regularly interface to third party PLC and SCADA systems and have significant expertise in liaising with OEM manufacturers and providing the necessary engineering skills to interface to their communications protocols.

As an independent systems integrator we are not promoters of any particular manufacturers products but prefer to assess the clients’ requirements and recommend the most technically compliant and cost-effective solutions. Our skilled engineers have the experience to combine and integrate whatever the situation is and we are adept at delivering this without bias. The base of our success is this keen eye for detail and a broad and experienced team that has a proven track record in delivering complex packages made simple for the operators, clients, and businesses we engage with.