Process Control

Cetix can provide automation and control solutions for the process manufacturing industries where the primary production processes are either continuous or occur on a batch of materials.

Process Control

Our approach is based around integrated, combined solutions, which can encompass SCADA, Process Control, Emergency Shut Down, Fire & Gas Detection, HIPPS, Protection and Data Logging and Reporting facilities.

Our solutions provide our customers with information to allow their processes to deliver the highest output with as little production cost as possible. By analysis of measured data you will know how your plant is working and also the ability to simulate different operating modes and find the optimal strategy for the plant. Additionally the system can optimise the speed that equipment runs at therefore reducing energy usage. Quality is more consistent therefore reducing defective product and forecasting when maintenance is needed with less time and energy being spent stopping and restarting equipment for routine inspections.

We can provide systems up to SIL3 together with all the necessary project lifecycle methodologies in line with our SIRA accredited CASS certification.

We provide consultancy and solutions where control systems may be ageing and obsolete and require a cost effective upgrade / replacement program.

Cetix can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all your automation requirements.