AD / Biogas / Biomass

Cetix can provide automation, control and safety solutions for Anaerobic Digestion Biogas and Biomass plant.

Our approach is based around integrated, combined solutions, which can encompass SCADA, Process Control, Emergency Shut Down, Fire & Gas Detection, HIPPS, Protection and Data Logging and Reporting facilities.

Our solutions provide our customers with operational intelligence to monitor and optimise their plant to run in the most efficient and safe manner. All the different elements of AD / Biogas and Biomass plant including; fuel treatment, pelletisers, dyers, fuel delivery systems, digesters, pyrolysis reactor, boiler; gas engine, gas turbine, CHP or BtG, flue gas treatment, CEMS, ash removal systems and effluent treatment systems, will be monitored and controlled so the plant can achieve the contracted gas output; thermal conversion rate; power output; environmental compliance; and required safety integrity level.

We can provide systems up to SIL3 together with all the necessary project lifecycle methodologies in line with our SIRA accredited CASS certification.

We provide consultancy and solutions where control systems may be ageing and obsolete and require a cost effective upgrade / replacement program.