Cetix have experience in providing control and monitoring solutions to the Nuclear Industry, that are fully tested and documented to ensure complete traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

We are fully aware of the rigors and demands of working in the nuclear industry:  our engineers have experience of working on all the operational and decommissioned nuclear power stations in the UK.

Our automation solutions are not only based on a turnkey delivery approach, we consider the entire lifecycle of the process plant and have an excellent track record in obsolescence management and consultancy.   We have continued to support platforms long after the original manufacturer has severed their obligation to the marketplace. Traditionally automation vendors have provided 10 year support commitments, Cetix have extended this to achieve more appropriate timescales for the Nuclear lifecycle (25+ years),  which can mean that the initial investment in technology will remain for the life of the plant. In the event that the plant life is extended and the automation system will need to be replaced, our fully documented design processes will enable the system replacement in a smooth and controlled manner.