Transmission, Distribution & Storage

Cetix Ltd provides Integrated Control and Safety System Solutions to a wide variety of customers in the transmission, distribution and storage sectors.

Applications include pipelines, terminals (road, sea and rail tanker), tank farms, compressor stations, airports and gas storage.

Our approach is based around integrated, combined solutions, which can encompass SCADA, Process Control, Emergency Shut Down, Fire & Gas Detection, HIPPS, Protection and Data Logging and Reporting facilities, Metering and Leak Detection.

Many UK pipelines, both single and multi product, have control and automation solutions provided by Cetix and include SCADA, PLC, RTU, Fiscal Metering, Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring.

We provide systems for the automation of road, sea and rail tanker loading including tank farms.

Several compressor stations on the UK national gas transmission network have control and monitoring systems supplied by Cetix.

We also supply automation solutions to airports for fuel handling and for underground and above ground gas storage facilities.

All systems can be certified up to SIL3 together with all the necessary project lifecycle methodologies in line with our SIRA accredited CASS certification.

We offer consultancy and solutions for extension of asset life, where control systems may be ageing and obsolete and require a cost effective upgrade / replacement program.